• Welcome to Waypit Training, based in Wales and Somerset. Accredited since 2006 by the Road Transport Industry Training Board, RTITB, to provide on-site training services nationwide. We are the Wales and the West Country foremost specialist provider of on - site

  • forklift training,

  • static and mobile elevating work platform training,

  • manual handling training,

  • abrasive wheels training,

  • lorry loader training,

  • Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman.

  • Overhead Gantry Crane Training.


Waypit training are customer and trainee focused, and all courses are thorough and complete, complying with all industry best practice and Approved Codes Of Practice. You will not get better training than Waypit Training.

Contact us at training@waypit.com , the contact page above, or telephone 07748644929 / 01495308037 for quality assured training


Forklift Training
Forklift Truck Training Nationwide. All truck types

      We are accredited  by RTITB to


  • Counterbalance training

  • Reach Truck training

  • pallet stacker training

  • pivot steer truck training

  • multidirectional Combilift training

  • Sideloader training

  • All terrain Telehandler training

  • All terrain masted counterbalance

  • Truck mounted/Moffett training

Manual Handling Training. Production, Warehousing and Logistics

Manual Handling


We are accredited by RTITB to provide Manual handling training. Essential in the  reduction of musculoskeletal disorders and other manual handling injuries. As stated in L23, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, the hierarchy of measures which should be followed to reduce the risks from manual handling are

  • Avoid hazardous manual handling operations so far as is reasonable

  • Assess any hazardous manual handling operations that cannot be avoided

  • Reduce ther risk of injury as far as is reasonably practical

Mobile Elevating Work Platform  MEWP training nationwide
Lorry Loader Crane Training. Hook, Brick Clamp, Clam Shell, Pallet Forks
Mobile Elevating Work Platform Training
Lorry Loader Crane Training

      We are accredited by RTITB to 


  • Articulating Boom training- can drive elevated- type 3B

  • Mobile Vertical or Scissor Lift training- can drive elevated- type 3A

  • Static Boom training- trailer mount, van mount etc, cannot drive elevated-type 1B

  • Static vertical- driven into position and cannot drive elevated- type 1A

   We are accredited by RTITB to

  provide on-site hiab or lorry loader crane training using

  • Brick grab

  • Clam shell

  • Hook

  • Grab

Accredited Abrasive Wheels Training
Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman Training
Abrasive Wheels Training
Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman

We are accredited by RTITB to provide Abrasive Wheels training, covering theory and practical sessions in

  • Hazards and risks

  • Methods of marking abrasive wheels

  • How to store, handle and transport

  • How to inspect and test abrasive wheels

  • Functions of components used

  • Mounting and balancing

  • Dressing

  • Adjustment of work rest

  • PPE

We provide on-site banksman training across the country.

  • Course Introduction.

  • Whats the problem.

  • Your workplace.

  • Safe systems of work-the operating environment.

  • Reversing.

  • Drivers field of view.

  • Banksman signals.

  • Driver/banksman initial communication.

  • Guiding the vehicle into designated area.

  • Off-site highway banksman operations.

  • Assessment.

  • Closure and agree future procedures.